How to protect yourself from a home invasion

Although a burglar forces his way into your home when it is empty, home invaders force their way into your home when they know you are in it. Recently, a group of men invaded the home of an unfortunate Baltimore couple and robbed them.

To protect yourself against a similar misfortune, dont give criminals a financial motive for invading your home:

If you trust the security of gold and silver more than the security of the dollar, keep most of your gold and silver in a bank safe deposit box. If you decide to keep valuables such as gold, silver, money, or diamonds in your home, you and your family should tell nobody about this wealth or where it is located.To avoid being followed home by potential home intruders, do not be too ostentatious in your public display of or description of your luxury possessions such as expensive cars, furs, art works, jewelry, and shopping bags from upscale stores

To make your house or apartment less vulnerable to a home invasion take these actions:

When you move into a house or apartment, change the locks.To assure the integrity of the locksmith, check with the Better Business Bureau for a locksmith who has been bonded, insured, and well established for years in the community.To prevent being followed into your parking garage by another driver who has no swipe card, when you drive into the parking garage, stop just past the grate until it comes down again.Dont buzz anyone into your building until you hear and recognize his voice.A single woman should have her mailbox labeled with the initial of her first name along with her complete last name.When you are ready to unlock your door, make sure nobody is close enough to you to push you into your house or apartment, to follow you in, and to close and lock the door.Upon entering your home, develop the habit of immediately locking your door.Some of the methods of preventing a burglary will also make your home less vulnerable to a home invasion.Consider constructing a safe room in your home.

A home invasion is even more traumatic than a burglary. To keep the security you feel in your home, take reasonable precautions to avoid a home invasion.

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a home invasion?

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