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Hot product: SSL Locksmith, what is it? AccessData develops productthat exposes the contents of SSL-encrypted network communicationshelping to close a network security hole. 01//What is the product? SSLLocksmith exposes the contents of SSL-encrypted network communications,therefore eliminating a critical cyber-security blind spot. Withoutvisibility into the SSL-encrypted network, your employees can steal dataand avoid detection. 02//What does it do? Unmonitored, encrypted trafficviolates mandated compliance regulations. AccessData's SSLLocksmith eliminates this problem. Since about 25% of traffic on thenetwork is encrypted, SSL Locksmith improves the ability to defend yourdata. 03//What is new about it? SSL Locksmith solution was designed withfail to wire bypass functionality to prevent disruption in serviceshould the hardware fail. White list and black list filters controlwhich sites/connections are decrypted for privacy and enterprisecompliance. 04//Why is it better? SSL Locksmith is a stand-alone productwhich can be used with various technologies. It works with any packetanalysis or capture solution, such as IDS, IPS, DLP, network forensics and web content monitoring solutions, to reveal content. Where can youbuy it and how much does it cost? The AccessData SSL Locksmith can bebought from ARM (Advanced Risk Mitigation), AccessData'sdistribution partner in the Middle East region. The price is availableon request from ARM.

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