What is a Locksmith's Salary?

How about an answer from someone who was a locksmith?

When I was first employed as an apprentice, my wage was 6 dollars per hour. This was in 1990. My raise was 30 cents per hour in six months. Obviously, I wanted to start my own business.

After fourteen months of training and having taken a correspondence course (before the Internet as we know it), I put out my own shingle.

First year: Take home 12,500

Second year: Take home 45,000

Third year: Take home 78,000

Fourth year: Take home 137,000

Fifth year: Take home 265,000

Of course, I worked from 7 am till 8 pm and then sat down to do billing.

By the 9th year, my company, with four employees was grossing 1 million. My own pay had gone down though, as employees take most of the earnings. I was glad to have them though, as my knees were hurting and I wanted to move on to other things.

These days, the pay of a locksmith depends on the type of shop one works for.

Those who specialize in something like access control door hardware can earn considerably more.

I know of journeymen locksmiths who do access control and their pay is 95,000 per year.

A locksmith who specializes in safes and is highly trained by SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians Association) can also earn a high dollar salary.

I also know of small locksmith shops whose employees work on homes and cars. Their salary is considerably less, somewhere around 40K.


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