Anonymous exposes NSA surveillance tool that neutralizes online security

Anonymous exposes secret surveillance software being used by the NSA to neutralize online security.

A surveillance tool called Locksmith is allegedly being used by the NSA to neutralize SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, and HTTPS, one of the internets most common means to encrypt private information, according to a report issued Aug. 28.

RT America reports they were approached by Anonymous with a tip on the alleged surveillance tool called Locksmith earlier this week. The Locksmith software can allegedly neutralize encrypted SSL protocol, which works together with HTTPS, a common and trusted privacy layer used for secure payments, instant messaging, and email and social networking sites.

According to the website Encyclopedia Dramatica the surveillance tool was discovered in an unsecured database operated by Parabon Computing:

Known twitter troll AgentViz was one day googling PRISM and stumbled upon the Parabon Computation's unsecured database easily full of millions of dollars in custom software. Such software includes Locksmith which makes all SSL utterly useless. He immediately proceeded to copy everything while spamming the exposed url (which was up for 24-36 hours) to anyone who gave a shit about proliferation of this free software onto the internet. The journalist behind the PRISM leaks, Glenn Greenwald was sent the exposed url, but for unknown reasons, he didn't publish this story. This makes Encyclopedia Dramatica literally the first source officially reporting on this aspect of the ongoing PRISM scandal.

Encyclopedia Dramatica reports the NSA has already arrived to the scene trying to make you think this software is useless and are working very hard to kill the links.

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