What tools should a locksmith buy?

Becoming a locksmith requires a wide variety of tools. You don't need a four-year degree to become a locksmith, but you do need training and certification. Without licensing, you won't be able to purchase many of the items listed here.Basic ToolsYou'll need a work bench. A key machine, broken key extractors, drills, files, and key blanks are also necessary. Springs and C-clamps will help, too.

VehicleEven if you own your own shop, you'll be doing a lot of work out in the field. So a work vehicle is essential, preferably a van to provide easy access to tools, ladders and other equipment.

Restricted ToolsA pinning kit is necessary, but you must be a licensed locksmith to order one. Schlage and Kwikset brand locks are very popular, so kits for them are recommended.

ConsiderationsLocksmiths should have some experience with metalworking, carpentry and electronics. Changing a door's lock, for example, will require you to cut into the door. Circular hole cutters, hammers and screwdrivers are essential. Wire strippers and measuring tools are also good to have.

Automotive LocksTryout keys are used by locksmiths, car dealers and repo men to open car doors. They come specialized for the car's make. A slide lock tool and a lockout tool are also recommended. Slim Jim is a popular brand of lockout tool.

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